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Terms & Conditions

Please note...

Please note - (1) After our initial consultation a re-referral may be required in the following instances; (1.1) If what you are looking for in a therapist is beyond my scope of my competence. (1.2) If it appears that you would be suited to another therapist who practices an alternative model that would be of more therapeutic benefit to you. (1.3) If it becomes apparent that we do not feel suited to work together. These will be discussed upfront during the initial appointment if these matters arise. (2) I do not provide therapy to clients who have been required to undergo therapy either by a court order or by any other authority. (3) The work is being undertaken in accordance with the laws of the practitioner’s own country (The United Kingdom) and any disputes will be subject to that country’s law. (4) To ensure we are safe in our work I require your GP to be aware in the instance of an eating disorder and / or a long standing health condition.

Contracting & professional standards...

I work to a contract with clients, this ensures a clearly defined experience of therapy, that we are safe in our work and ensures professional and competent practice. The contract is to be read, understood and signed after the initial Meet wth Rick appointment upon the mutual agreement that we will work together.


As a registered member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy I am bound by their Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions (2018), Online and Phone Therapy (OPT) Competence Framework (2021), Professional Standards, Codes of Conduct and Personal Moral Qualities. My Professional Liability Insurance is with Towergate Professional Risks.



ICO Registration: ZB622051

If you are in crisis...

The service provided is not intended for crisis situations and urgent needs. If you are in immediate crisis and feel you need to talk to someone as a matter of urgency, the Samaritans offer emergency support. Alternatively, In a crisis situation, I agree to call 999 or local emergency services. Information shared with my therapist is confidential except in the following circumstances: If I present as a danger to myself or others, mandated reporting of abuse of children or elders, or if I sign a release of information.

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