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The inner totality

In order to bring the individuation process into reality, one must surrender consciously to the power of the unconscious, instead of thinking in terms of what one should do, or of what is generally thought right, or of what usually happens. One must simply listen, in order to learn what the inner totality – the Self – wants one to do here and now in a particular situation.

Source - Marie-Louise von Franz, The Pattern of Psychic Growth. In Man and His Symbols, edited by Carl Jung and John Freeman (Anchor Press Doubleday 1964), p. 163.

The transformation occurs when that inner growth, with all its original values and implicit meanings, enters into the empirical world. The experience of this wholeness can be so all-embracing that it has actually been called the 'medicina catholica,' the panacea, the 'alexipharmakon,' the antitoxin against all toxins. The highest attributes have always been ascribed to this idea, not out of rational consideration but because it expresses the deepest inner experiences of man.

Source - C.G. Jung, Children's Dreams: Notes from the Seminar Given in 1936-1940 by C.G. Jung (Princeton University Press 2008), p. 299.

In the case of a real settlement [with the unconscious] it is not a question of interpretation: it is a question of releasing unconscious processes and letting them come into the conscious mind in the form of fantasies. We can try our hand at interpreting these fantasies if we like. In many cases it may be quite important for the patient to have some idea of the meaning of the fantasies produced. But it is of vital importance that he should experience them to the full and, in so far as intellectual understanding belongs to the totality of experience, also understand them. Yet I would not give priority to understanding. Naturally the doctor must be able to assist the patient in his understanding, but, since he will not and indeed cannot understand everything, the doctor should assiduously guard against clever feats of interpretation. For the important thing is not to interpret and understand the fantasies, but primarily to experience them.

Source - C.G. Jung, Individuation: The Technique of Differentiation between the Ego and the Figures of the Unconscious. CW 7: Two Essays in Analytical Psychology, par. 342.

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