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Tension of opposites

Holding the tension of opposites is an uncomfortable, reeling position to be in. It occurs during Shadow work where there are opposing ideas, perspectives or even choices to be made but the person cannot decide which one is correct or right. An inner battle begins and the same pattern of thinking goes around and around in the mind with still no clear answer or solution to the problem.

Holding the tension of opposites could also feel like fragmentation of the personality and a deep desire for the healing rays of sun, for joy or soul retrieval. I say this from experience, and when I was living in this space, holding the tension of opposites without judging these two quotes gave me hope of giving birth to a new reality, which did eventually occur...seemingly when I wasn't looking.

"The greater the contrast, the greater the potential. Great energy only comes from a correspondingly great tension of opposites". - Carl Jung

"If we stay with the tension of opposites long enough, sustain it, be true to it we can sometimes become the vessels within which the divine opposites come together to give birth to a new reality". - Marie Louise von Franz

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