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Life is a Souvenir of Memories

Everyone can be a masterpiece of their own piece of work. Everyone is an artist. We are an artist when we are a child in our own way. We are creators of our own masterpiece in life. Every morning is a new beginning. The wisdom we learn is based from the experience we learn from life until we mature enough to decide what we choose in life. The morning reminds us that every life has each own new beginnings. We need to simplify life by being creative in creating new ones. By unfolding the eye and the beauty of nature, believing that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The thing we need to think first is to decide what’s on important and delete the unnecessary ones. Believing that everything falls into place, that everything has its own reason and everything is happened for a reason that someday we may accept whatever may the consequence will be. The most important thing in life is we need to accept it whatever hurt that feel inside. The most important reason to believe is to accept whatever the results maybe. When we realized that we commit mistakes we need also to learn from it. The best thing in life is make everyday life as the happiest one. The best things in life is the souvenir of the happy memories.

The most things that we think in the morning is how to start the day in an optimistic and creative manner. When we create creative new ones like our skills in art, poetry, literary art or household chores we create beautiful harmonious aura. We must think and reprogram our mind in an optimistic manner and positive outlook in life. Deleted unnecessary ones like bad memories that makes us feel sad.

The best way to think about happy memories is to remember the sweet memories of our childhood. The first when we first learn how to learn new things in our own way. The sequence of our growth and development. Remember the Freud’s Theory of Stages and Development. The sequence of life’s growth and development during childhood. The stages where we first learn to learn and developed new things in life. When our parents teach us the first lessons in life. When we first learn how to write, educating ourselves about new things in life both in logical and liturgical way of living. The first thing when we create new masterpiece that we can share to the world. The first when we reevaluate our own mistakes and make it a lesson and apply it in our daily life and make it simplified by doing the right things in life. The best things in life is to live your life to the fullest and make it the best and happiest moment of your life. You need to reassess life by making it healthier by doing healthy lifestyles and creative way of living giving importance to the essence of life and how to live by it. The best part of memory is spending your happy moments with your family and giving it with value by respect, acceptance and understanding it. The best part of life is how to make it become the happiest because we only live once.

The first idea, that comes to my mind when I think about life is being the best version of your life by making yourself optimistic with respect and dignity. The sweet moments we shared together is the best lessons we’ve learned together. When we think about camaraderie we become part of each someone’s special and happiest memory.

Think about the first smile you saw in the face of your parents when you were born in this world. The first when you open your eyes and see the beauty of the world. The first tears fall down on your cheeks when you get separated with your mother for the first time. The first smile on your face when you first feel the first happiness that you feel inside your heart. The presence of God reminds us how beauty life is. It gives importance to our living. The first thing that we need to think first is our love ones. We need to make them happy by respecting their values and creating a happy ambience and recollections of a happy harmonious souvenir. We need to make them realized how important them to our lives because life is short. We only live once. Once done it cannot have turned back again because we’re not walking backward, we move forward. The important task we can create every day in our life starts in the morning when we create, plan or think of any thought that give us happiness and fulfillment in our goals in life.

Every journey takes a lot of effort to become success. It’s not that easy, it requires strength, perseverance, and survival towards life. It also requires patience because there are lot of tasks and examination to passed on and taken in order to survive. Life is all about fighting and surviving. We need to access our subconscious mind to monitor our thought behavior in order to direct our life. To direct our life, we must be a personal director of our own subconscious mind. Life seems not to be perfect and it was not that easy because we are blinded by some false belief that we have learned from all stages of life since our childhood. We are blinded by trends, social medias, issues, commercials, and belief that affect us every day in our life. Every souvenir is a collections of special memories that make us realized to accept things whatever the consequence maybe and to understand life as well.

The future unfolds each own history to manage their evolution of change. The evolution of change upon the modernization of technology, media and society depend upon the norms and trends of people in society. The freedom to choose creates a harmonious freedom to live well despite the struggle of consequence of people’s challenges and obscurity. When people think, they create depending upon the desires that they want to create like video editing, storyline, news, photography because of smartphones, modernization and evolution of technology. The character they create towards the invention or masterpiece creation depend upon their character of how they view this society and development. When we think about a piece of art it includes artistic ideas such as liturgical art, music edit, photography, sketch art, literary arts, philosophy and director’s cut. Each individual has each own motive based on the character they desire based on their experience and history upon experimenting artistic creations of life. When the part of life divided by different thought of the masses the people choose which is the best that satisfy their opinion toward the decision they make.

Each people of society’s opinion of views towards life are influence by religion, belief system, social media, cultural history, current events, trends about the new generation and total revolution of modernized society.

When we think about the future we create possibilities of life. We think about survival to move forward. We think about progress and success and progress towards life. We think about the solution beyond the problem to create successful opportunities in life. The solution beyond experience is learning through experience by summarizing collection of memories and wisdom through the ages of time. We can determine our destiny by analyzing and assessing the decision we make in life by being optimistic in decision making. On a notebook or a piece of paper you can write your opinion, daily living and learnings in life to create a plot of story and creating souvenir of memory in life. The memory of life creates a beautiful life story of sweet memories and wisdom in life. When we think about possibilities in life we make reality in success by doing the best we can to create a new a career and events in our journey towards life. The activity of daily living can give us healthy lifestyle and recreational activities. This give us strength to do the impossibilities by doing the best we could to do the possibilities. Nothing is impossible if we believe and take an action on it. It determines the strength and capacity to use the wisdom we learned from our experience. The most important memory in our life is the camaraderie we made with our colleague. The experience we learn in life mold us into a new person and well-being making us a strong person and help us to face challenges for the test of time.

On every journey we take, we encounter different situations in life, how painful it is it changes us. Changing us into a beautiful person, the way we think towards life and the way we believe on faith that thought us. The road we take determine where we start and how we fight the battles and obstacles of life until we can get to the finish line.

On every part of life, we realized that we need to think first before we act on our decision towards life. It requires proper intervention or reevaluation to see the results and create a conclusion. To conclude a solution, you need to investigate clearly first the assessment and the subjective of the problem to clearly made some plan to conclude the solution and make a proper intervention and evaluation. The part of the solution depends upon the plan you put on ideas to your subconscious mind and make some plot or plan on a notebook or a piece of paper to create some plan a solution.

The best part of life is living your life to the fullest and making your daily life the happiest. We only live once. What matters is how we live and value our life. Making your everyday living with a happy heart, wisdom and purpose give us importance and happiness towards life. The best thing in life is not money or luxury but the moment you spend with your love ones making it the happiest and recollection of sweet souvenirs of life. The memory of our lifetime is a timeline of each destiny towards the future. It defines the journey in life we take and face towards our destiny.

The journey of life determines about our faith towards life. The demeanor and our interpretation about life depends upon our faith or belief system during our childhood through adulthood. It was based on our perception towards life that affect our goal setting for decision making. It is based on principles once they adopt for the culture and tradition of society and family they spend for the rest of their life. Toward the belief system it changes us one was educated how to live the way they want to live based on their principles and faith that they gathered through the ages of time. Someone says it was easy to forget than to remember. Well based on my experiences or I am used that my subconscious try to recall some things or situations at times that I tried to remember but I forget but I do believe that we do have different mind broad capacity depending on the ideas we put on our subconscious mind every day in our life. We need to read from the outline of our knowledge the education or experience we install in our mind. We can practice broadening mind spectrum by meditating and concentration by means reading educational materials and tools. We can recall happy moments by recreating happy memories and make it special moments with the special someone.

The moment we recall all of those happy moments we create good ambience and atmosphere. The camaraderie we spent with each other creates special and happy moments. The souvenir of recollections and beautiful picturesque create a good masterpiece. The best part of life is when you realized how to set aside unimportant things and delete the unnecessary things to see the real conclusion to the solution of the problem. Thought broadcasting is a magical thinking or delusion of the mind that are common for preschool, it gets the idea of some grandiosity. We must think of the possibility based on reality not on magical delusions of grandiosity.

Written by Johnnel Dellosa Maraño

Art: Unknown

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