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Consciousness & the unconscious

The unconscious is not just a container filled with various things, but a living being with a meaning and a purpose in itself. It is purposive, living, and not simply arranged along causal lines. It strives toward a goal, and it constantly seeks a way to attain this goal. The same is true of the collective unconscious. It does not seek to find your personal way, however, but the way of man, of all mankind.

Source - C.G. Jung, Consciousness and the Unconscious: Lectures Delivered at ETH Zürich, Volume 2: 1934 (Princeton University Press 2022), p. 48.

Knowledge of the symbols is indispensable, for it is in them that the union [intercommunication] of conscious and unconscious contents is consummated. Out of this [redemptive] union emerge new situations and new conscious attitudes. I have therefore called the union of opposites the "transcendent function" [the psyche's holistic capacity to grasp a complex situation, the conflict of opposites, in one bound]. This rounding out of the personality into a whole [a god-image of Self] may well be the goal of any psychotherapy that claims to be more than a mere cure of symptoms.

Source - C.G. Jung, Conscious, Unconscious, and Individuation. CW 9i: Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, par. 524.

Art: Dodi Ballada

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