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I can help with...

I work one to one with adults with a wide range of concerns including but not limited to; family conflicts and relationship issues, working through guilt and grief, issues around mood, sadness, depression and anxiety. I have further assisted people who have wanted to work on specific life challenges and coping with life changes, issues around self confidence and their desire for self improvement.

I have worked with many people who have experienced historical trauma and issues around abuse and I spent a considerable amount of time during my training working with eating disorders.


I also like to work with what is called the 'four givens of existence', these are; mortality, freedom and responsibility, existential isolation and the meaning / meaninglessness of life. I believe these are pivotal in assisting you to confront what is interfering and mentally 'blocking' you from moving forward with your life.

You can read about the specific issues I can help with and how I work in therapy to see if you would like to work with me. You can read more about the beauty and value of psychosynthesis and learn how interesting the importance of symbolism is in our therapy. To see my professional experience and qualifications please click here.

“To work in the dark, you must be able to hold your own light, and still be intimate with the darkness" ― Thomas Lloyd Qualls

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